Text Support

Instead of ‘Tech Support’, I offer ‘Text Support’ (see what I did there?  🙂 )
In our high-tech modern society time is something we all need more of.  Most of us have mobile phones  and text plans.  So this is away I can help some of you who have a lot of tech, but not a lot of time.
Sometimes you just need some support, validation, or have a short question, or just want some encouragement.  Maybe you don’t have time to schedule an office, phone or video session.  That’s okay!  I am still available to you via text and can usually respond within two hours.
I have been supporting my clients using text messages for years, and didn’t think about what a valuable service this is.
So now, I’m adding it to my list of ways I can further help you.  This is FREE to any client that sees me in the office, or by phone sessions and video on a regular basis.  If you JUST want the supportive texting service, contact me about pricing!