Animal Flower Essences

Have you ever wondered what your Pet was trying to tell you??

Is your pet over-eating, peeing where it shouldn’t, scratching, chewing, biting, or lethargic? Does your pet cling to you, act jealous or fear going outside?

I can help your pet with these behaviors and more with the use of flower essences for your pet.

If you have ever answered ‘yes’ to any one of these behaviors, or if you’ve noticed other behaviors not listed, your pet may be acting out this way to buffer or mirror how you are feeling to situations in your own life.  Please, let me explain.

If you are feeling scared, fearful, stuck or angry you will notice your animal companion may support you in this and start acting out with unusual behavior. They unconscioulsy do this so you don’t have to deal with your own issues. However they may be feeling or expressing themselves as a reflection of you and your household.

Often times we go through our whole lives not truly tuning into our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. So our animal companion(s) will pick up the slack for us. Which means they mirror what is going on with us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, or they will compensate for us and act, behave, feel, & react in the opposite of how we are living our lives. In other words, they are always our concrete physical manifestation of how we are thinking and feeling internally. They are like sponges for us and to us.

For example: If you are having a weight/eating issue, your animal companion will often times have one too. They may over eat, act out with other pets in and outside of the home Or they may do the opposite: eat less, lay around, hide, be sad, and depressed. This is a very simple example of how we can tune into ourselves, which lets us, tune into our animal companion and what they are trying to tell/ teach us about ourselves and how we live our lives.

Other examples:

Your animal companion is acting jealous of other animals, a new baby, a new relationship, or of you. It could be you are feeling this way in an area of your life and your animal companion is mirroring you or reflecting this back to you. Ultimately, it is an issue that you are not consciously aware of and therefore your pet is making you aware in a very concrete external way. It forces you to put your attention there start to deal with it.

If you are feeling scared, fearful, stuck or angry you will notice your animal companion may support you in this.  They may start acting out by, peeing, eating the furniture, placing its tail between its legs, be afraid to go outside or always needing to be with you. They are unconsciously doing this so you don’t have to deal with your own issues. Remember, whatever they may be feeling and expressing is a reflection of you and your household.

Whatever the case may be you can always be aware and tuned into your own thoughts and feelings and therefore help each other out and the world around you.

 This is where Flower Essence Therapy comes into play:

Flower essences are the connecting bridge between human, animal and plant inter-relationship and allows communicating and understanding between them.

Flower essences are liquid tinctures made from organic flowers/plants used orally, topically, as a spray for the body and as a room purifier. They have subtle properties that work and heal from the unconscious & subconscious mind. Flower essences bring the “awareness” into the conscious mind so that the healing, cleansing, and clearing out of the old/negative/stuck energy & behavior/thought patterns are eliminated.

Flower essences were the forefathers to essential oils, herbs and holistic remedies of today.

Flower essences have psychological vibrational properties that work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes/auras/chakras of the mind/body. These essences are very fast acting and help alleviate symptoms, behaviors, problems, & issues that have been long standing. they can be used everyday to keep yourself and your animal companions clear physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It is like having your very own “personalized support system” 24 hours a day! 

These flower essences may also protect you and your animal companion from environmental, emotional and mental stresses. Some examples are:  viruses, infections, & negative energy.

 I customize each flower essence formula for you and your animal companion.  They are sold in liquid, & spray applications (includes up to 12 different essences per bottle).

My Philosophy about “Healing” is that it’s all about You, your Animal Companions, your environment and your internal & external reaction to them.