I was referred to Amy from 4 different people who don’t know each other! I contacted Amy via email and instantly felt supported, cared for, nurtured and empowered, all from a simple email exchange! I actually was changing and shifting in ways, that I had wanted to even before actually seeing Amy. It was just wild for me. That has never ever happened to me. I have seen many healers who practiced both East and West medicine, so I do know what I am talking about. So when I met Amy in person, she was like a light burst of positive energy! It was so much fun. I actually never thought healing my past family issues, trauma and PTSDs would be actually enjoyable! We did some counseling psychotherapy, hypnosis, flower essences and then ended with the clinical diet and nutritional testing. WOW!  Amy, is a one stop shop! We did a lot of work in 5 sessions! She worked me hard, but it was good deep work. After 6 years I am still noticing wonderful life shifting changes in myself! I would say Amy is a medical intuitive, psychic, medium, healer, scientist, psychologist, doctor, priestess and shaman all in one! I have been honored to work with Amy, and her integrity, compassion and humbleness of who she is.  I currently did a video session and that was equally as healing and life changing for me too. Thank you Amy!! You are priceless to me, my family, pets and friends!

-Female M.D.

I went to Amy because I wanted to work on being more conscious of what I ate, not eating for reasons other than hunger. Amy’s practice offers the most deep, relaxing, grounding work that I have ever done. I utilized Amy for hypnosis, flower essences, and nutritional consulting/coaching. Amy is easy to communicate with and she understands intuitively exactly what you need and want. She is also very positive and seems to pull out my “greatness” so I can heal myself! It was an uplifting and an amazing experience; I would pay to do this again with her. It has increased my awareness on every level and has stopped me from the 55 years of “beating myself up”. It has increased my body and minds self confidence/self-image and how I think of myself. It has literally changed every area of my life 150%. It was all due too Amy’s compassion, giving, integrity and love of what she does. Thank you Amy!

-Female, Owner Sales & Marketing Company

Amy, thank you for all you did for me today! While driving home today I realized I had no fear anywhere in my body or in my mind, that in itself is absolutely “Priceless”. I also remembered that my ex-wife, a friend of mine and I organized a church in MN. I now know I can begin to make it more then just a legal document!! This excites me so much and gives me so much energy and Passion to do my life’s work and not be AFRAID anymore! Thank you, Thank you Amy.

-Male, RN Nurse & Chiropractor

Amy is totally amazing! She can look at you and read exactly what is going on with you. I told her I think that she is a medical and spiritual intuitive. She just smiled at me. She knows exactly what you need and how to help you get there, utilizing the best way for you. I respect that and am pleased to finally have found someone like Amy who is so skilled in so many ways. It was like seeing 10 different professionals in 1. I saw Amy a few years ago for smoking cessation and some eating issues. I was done in one session, which normally it takes a few more sessions. It was totally amazing how she has no ego and empowered me to make those changes within myself. I just got done seeing her recently after my divorce. Once again, she is even more amazing then I remembered! My ex-husband is seeing her as well. Now, that I think about this my husband and I should have seen her before, so the divorce would have never happened. Anyway, Amy is one of the most remarkable “healers” I have ever known! I am indebted to her for life. Thank you so much Amy for all you do and give.

-Female, Dir. Pillsbury Corporation

I went to Amy for my many addictions, after having gone to many different kinds of “healers” and spending lots of money with no results. I was at the lowest possible point of my life. I tried committing suicide etc. drug therapy you name it I did it all! When she said to me this is going to be a rapid and deep process. I was not sure I believed her. However, at this point she was all I had left. After the very first session I couldn’t believe the miraculous results I had after only 1 session with her. After that it kept getting better and better. I kept learning more and more of how this all came to be, and after the final session when we both said that I was done. It was hard for me to not want to come back again. She did tell me I could come back for a tune-up! Or for a new issue or other services she offers. I truly owe my life to Amy; she truly is a miracle worker!

-Male, Real Estate Agent

I was referred to Amy from my Medical Doctor. I am a Chi Gong Master/Healer & Instructor and my business is all about working with people’s energies and teaching them how to move it out of their bodies so they don’t create major illness. I also perform private clearing sessions as well. I knew my energy was very weak and porous. So when I met Amy right away I could feel my life force energy picking up 150%. It was just being in her presence was healing in it’s own right besides all of the clearing and healing energy work she performed on me. I also take a few customized Flower Essences that were made for me. I particularly love the tinctures, lotions and sprays. They truly have helped me in so many ways to work through some of my emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual blocks while staying balanced throughout the day. I have been able to increase my business 75% and have energy and positive feelings at the end of my day. The other thing about Amy is that without you even knowing what is happening she is already integrating all her healing modalities to fit you individually. It is amazing as I travel all over the world and work with many well known world renown healers and by far she is in a league above the rest. Amy truly is a magnetic and authentic “HEALER” of Healers! THANKYOU.

-Male, Chi gong Master/Healer & Instructor, PH.D.

I was referred to Amy from a friend of mine. I had tried everything under the sun for my ADHD and Chronic Pain. I was very skeptical at first but when I first met Amy I instantly knew she could help me! She worked with me using Counseling, Diet/Nutrition, Flower Essences and Hypnotherapy. It was the most quick, rapid and deepest kind of therapy I have ever had. It was also the most inexpensive as well. I am now able to live a happy normal life free of pain and the ability to focus without medication! I now have tons of energy that I had never had long before I was diagnosed with Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia. Thank you Amy, you are a gift to this world and I hope you never ever stop healing people!!!

-Female, Journalist

I was referred to Amy from an acquaintance that I met at a party a while back for my alcoholism, as well as other kinds of issues. After speaking with her on the phone. I knew I was in excellent hands. She understood me with no judgment attached to it. We ended up utilizing Flower Essences, Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, and working with my diet and nutritional needs. I can truly say that Amy is a “psychic healer” on all levels! It was actually amazing to watch her work as well as how much I had and wanted to participate in this process. Which even meant more to me, because she empowered me to believe in myself that I could overcome my addictions/issues. Amy is and always will be my guardian angel!!! Thank you Amy, you gave me back my like literally.

– Male , U.S. Marine

After calling around and hearing Amy’s infinite wisdom, knowledge and compassionate attitude about health and healing I knew she was the right healer for me! I instantly felt great right away getting off the phone with her. After several years of going through several different traditional and non-traditional therapies and a lot of money with no change on any level. I finally felt like I was going to get to be the person that I wanted to be. I came for PTSD Syndrome, abuse issues, depression, weight loss and a few other issues. I was surprised how rapid, deep, compassionate and therapeutic the work that she does, and how she knows exactly what to do and when! Amy is a true, psychic healer on all levels!! We did Hypnosis, Flower Essence therapy, Tuning Forks, Diet & Nutritional work as well coaching and chi gong work. She truly is a gifted healer!! Amy you are my “guardian angel” You literally saved my life!

– Female , US National/International Trades Exporter