Bitcoin Discount

I will give anyone a 5% discount when paying with Bitcoin on any of my services.  (English only).I am a practitioner of traditional and alternative healing methods; so it just makes sense that I would support Bitcoin.

It also makes sense that since I’m now able to visit clients anywhere in the world using secure, encrypted video conferencing that I should use a truly secure and encrypted payment system too.   The universe is pointing all of us in this direction!

Like most of you, I use the traditional, legacy banking system, but also am branching out into a more flexible, fair, and truly global payment system.

So if you would like to use bitcoins to pay for my traditional and holistic services you can!  

If you don’t have any bitcoins, and want to take advantage of these savings, I can point you in the right direction.  It is a bit complicated, but I think it is worth it!  to learn more, go to

To get started, email or call me for a quick, free consultation, and let’s schedule an appointment and bring you more health and healing!

Here are some of the bitcoin services I use…
Coinbase for buying and selling bitcoins using a US bank account.
Mycellium Find in the Android and iPhone Play Store for free.  It’s the digital wallet I use on my phone.  Just like  a regular wallet, it stores money!
Airbitz wallet for iPhone and Android phones.  This phone app allows you to BUY bitcoins, but also Starbucks gift cards at 20% off (really!), and Target gift cards for 6% off.
Gyft Find it in the Android and iPhone Play Store for free.  I buy gift-cards with this app with bitcoins to places I shop at all the time like Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot,  Macy’s, Target, and Whole Foods.  The gift-cards stay on your phone and the cashier scans it just like any ‘real’ giftcard.