7th Path Self Hypnosis Individual/Group/Corporate Course:
  • Course is offered individually and in group settings. (call/e-mail for more info.)Course includes:
  • 6 hours of instruction(1 class/session each month)
  • 64-page manual about 7the Path Self Hypnosis Laminated 2”x 4” travel card instructions Summary sheet of instructions
Hypnosis Techniques For Sleep Problems:
If you are like 99% of the world’s population you have at one time or another experienced sleep problems. In this class we will first demystify what hypnosis is, how it works, and how it is a naturally occurring state of mind that you are in thousands of times a day. You will become aware of what is keeping you up at night and how to handle it during the day. You will also experience a group hypnosis session using a cue of your own mind and body allowing you to instantly become calm and go to sleep whenever you choose too. (1-hour class) $20.00 (bring a friend for free).
Nutrition – A Way Of Life:
In this class we will discuss what it means to “live, think and feel in balance” when it comes to food, diet, supplements and lifestyle. We will also discuss what makes us eat, the difference between physical and emotional hunger, and how you can tune into this part of you.  Find out your own balance between emotions and food. You will walk away with a new awareness of what and how food affects you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You will leave with a worksheet of how you can tune into the core issue(s) of what is stopping you from living life to it’s fullest. (1 –hour class) $20.00 (bring a friend for free).
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique):
What is it, how does it work, why does it work? Learn how to do it. This is a simple, easy to learn technique you can do yourself.  Eliminate any and all FEARS, PHOBIA’S, ANGER, PAIN, FOOD CRAVINGS ETC. Please be ready to share your fears, phobias etc. as this class requires group and individual participation. You will walk away with two handouts and the ability to rid yourself–anytime you want–of any undesirable feeling that might be blocking you from getting what you want. (1-hour class) $20.00 (bring a friend for free).
Flower Essences:
How do they work? How can they help humans, animals & plants heal on all levels? How are they made? How can they be used? What types of flower essences are available and how are they tested? In this class you will learn all these answers, plus a whole lot more!  You will walk away with an in-depth understanding of flower essences and what make them very powerful vibrational healing agents for change. There will be test bottles, books and a take home handout. (1-hour class) $20.00 (bring a friend for free).Self Hypnosis For
Chronic Pain:
Have you ever wondered why you have pain? Whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, pain is a wake-up call that something in you is out of balance. Through the use of Self Hypnosis you will be able to tune into and figure out what is causing the pain. I will then help you take action to heal it, manage it and/or eliminate it. This class will give you the tools, techniques, and an understanding of what the purpose of pain is for you. (1-hour class) $20.00 bring a friend for free).

Personality & Behavior Style
This class will identify your personality and behavior style and your secondary style. You will learn how to maximize your own potential as well as recognizing other’s styles. Get the maximum out of each relationship you have at work or at home. This class is a lot of fun and you will walk away with a new understanding of yourself and others with handouts and exercises to take with you. (1-hour class) $20.00 (bring a friend for free)

Tuning Forks :
Tuning Forks are another form of vibrational healing using sound waves to stimulate your ears, bones, tissues and cells.  They can be used for many things such as grounding, increased focus, rejuvenation, stress relief, and balancing of body, mind & spirit. They can also be used for space clearing.  Learn to utilize their many powerful healing qualities. You will get to experience them as well as trying them on others. You will walk away with an understanding of how, when and what to use them for. There will be forks available for purchase along with a worksheet & picture diagram of where to use them on your body. (1-hour class) $20.00 (bring a friend for free)

Hypnosis For Natural Weight Loss:
This enlightening class will teach you what, why, when and how hypnosis works. How it is a naturally occurring state of our minds and how it is utilized in all types of eating disorders, weight loss and weight management as well as how to help you stop the distract/eat cycle. There will be class participation and a group session. You will walk away with a true understanding of what hypnosis is, how it can be utilized for weight loss and eating disorders as well as many other issues. (1-hour class) $20.00 (bring a friend for free)
Animal and Human Healing
Have you ever wondered what your pet was trying to tell you? Often times when your pet(s) suffer from physical or emotional behavioral issues, you will find that you or your household may also be suffering from very similar physical or mental/emotional issue. The opposite is also true as you and your pet may be compensating for each other in some way. In this class you will learn how to become aware of what your pet is trying to tell you about how you live your life. Learn how you, your household and your animal companion can be brought back into balance and in connection with each other and your environment. Please bring pictures of your pets and issues you want to talk about. (1-hour class) $20.00 (bring a friend for free)
Solutions Support Group:
This group will talk and share as well as offer solutions for what worked for them.  topics discussed will vary from issues of job loss, transitions of any kind, anger, fear, anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, PTSD’s, and addictions. We will go deeper into what might be causing or driving some of these feelings, actions, and non-actions.  You will then see that you are not alone, and that you can trust that you have power to change. During the course of this group there will be handouts, and exercises too.
There will be 4 group sessions of 1 hour each spaced out every 2 weeks. Each session is $18.00
All Classes are: 7 pm to 8pm at my office: 5025 Crown Street, Minnetonka, MN 55345,,  952-938-9085
Please e-mail/call to confirm space and time of each class!
Other Group Classes/Workshops: (Call/e-mail for more information).
  • 7th Path Self Hypnosis Practice Groups held 2x per month (For those of you who have already learned 7 th Path)
  • Eating Solutions Group
  • Art Therapy Group
Coaching/Counseling phone calls/video, e-mails and texting: (call/e-mail for rates available)
  •   15  min. sessions
  •   30 min. sessions
  •   45 min. sessions
  •   60 min. sessions
  •   75  min. sessions
  •   90 min. sessions
  • 105 min. sessions
  • 120 min. sessions