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It’s the Fourth of July weekend and we are supposed to be celebrating Independence Day.
But what makes this day special? The Fourth of July 1776 is when The Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence.

It was in Philadelphia, and the signers of that document, composed by Thomas Jefferson, knew that this declaration of independence from the dictatorial rule of Great Britain might also be — literally — their death sentence.

They knew full well that the wrath and might of the British army would be sailing across the Atlantic to descend on the relatively defenseless colonies. They knew their scattered “states” didn’t have the numbers or arms or training to stand against the British, much less defeat them militarily. Yet they put their signatures, and their lives, their families, their destiny, on that parchment.

So this weekend, I want you to celebrate YOU! Commit, be honest with yourself. Stand in your truth. There could be repercussions to your decisions, but be strong and do the right thing.  Honor and respect yourself. Do this without guilt, shame or unworthiness! Stand solid in who you are!!!

Space Clearing Made Very Simple

This is a long time coming! I know many of you have asked me for this and I finally made it very simple – – anyone can do this!

If you use a particular area in your home a lot—living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens come to mind— these common areas are filled with your life and experiences. Think about all the conversations, decisions and interactions that the walls of your home have witnessed! Everything from angry dramatic blow-ups to quiet, intense, expressions of deep affection and all the emotions that go along with them have been shared and sent out to the energetic Universe.

From time to time it is a good idea to clear your beloved home/space from the negative emotions and energies that may linger. Many people choose to do this when the seasons change as a way of letting go with love and remembrance and welcoming a new cycle. You may even want to perform these rituals at your place of work, hotel rooms and even your car!

There are many ways to clear and cleanse your spaces and, depending upon your belief system, you can invoke your guides, deities, higher powers or pray when doing the physical actions.

Below are easy, quick and inexpensive techniques for space clearing.

No need to buy the following: singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, rattles, drums, bells, flutes, wands, essential oils, flower essences, resins, herbs, crystals, bees wax candles, smudge sticks, cds, organite, tachyon, ion cleansing machines etc.

The key is Intention, focus and clear purpose!

Burn incense

Burn a stick or cone of incense in the rooms of your house or work area. Sandalwood is the most common cleansing incense. It contains high-quality green energy. If you prefer different fragrances lavender incense contains blue-violet energy and sage incense contains green, blue and violet energy. White sage is pure white energy; however, it has no scent.

Chant “OM” or “Amen”

Chant the mantra “OM” or “Amen” in the room for 20 minutes. This mantra disperses dirty energy, which is why it is universally used as part of many meditation routines to clear the mind of thoughts. If chanting isn’t your thing, I sell tuning forks that can be used instead. The 128 C is the OM frequency and you can use that instead (or together with the chanting). Music is another alternative; I recommend the Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui OM CD.
Mother Nature

Open all windows and curtains to let fresh air and sunlight in. This is a very easy way to clean a house or room energetically. Opening windows and curtains allows cleansing solar and air energy to flood a room or the whole house. An hour or two a day should be sufficient for moderate residual clearing and releasing.


Spray the area with salt water from a sprayer. Mix 3 tablespoons of salt with 1 cup of water in a sprayer with a fine misting capability. Shake to dissolve the salt. Walk through a room spraying the mixture into the air, allowing the droplets to break down as they are filtering and dispersing downward to the floor. Just as salt water breaks down the dirty energy that you sweep from your own aura, it also effectively cleans a room or building. Holy water of the Catholic Church is salt water with the priest’s benediction on it.

Other cleansing options using salt are to pour salt all around the outside foundation of your home or have cups of water for every room and add 1 teaspoon of salt to 6 to 8 oz. of water; this is super effective. Replace every 2 weeks or monthly. You can also place them in each corner of a room.

Loud clapping

Loud, purposeful clapping with intent can break up and disperse dirty energy in a room. Go into a room, form a clear intent to dispel the dirty energy, and walk through the area clapping about 10 to 30 times depending on the size of the room. One clap per second is a good pace.

It may be difficult to perform some of these techniques in your work area, so here is a quiet technique that can be employed for either home or work:

Project Electric Violet Energy

Visualize the area, project out about a foot in total area in front of you, make the visualization as clear as you can. From intent and focus of purpose, determine if there is any dirty energy and then scan it. Be aware of any sensations of stickiness, heaviness, gray, black or darkness etc. Imagine an electric violet beam projecting from your palm as you focus your crown chakra. Flood the house or area with the electric violet beams flushing out all negativity into the earth. Project for a minimum period of 5 minutes or until you feel the area feels lighter. Repeat as necessary. You can also pray as you project. Many will feel a strong vibration or buzzing sensation in your crown and hand chakras.

The Cross

This is a very simple one. Walk around the room or space writing the cross with your finger in the air, imagining it to be the color gold and white. Image all the negative energies leaving

The more that you honor your space and self, the better you and everyone else will feel. Have fun with this!! 

Hello and Happy Holidays to you!

 I am hoping all of you are taking care of yourselves? Especially since the holiday season is approaching soon!

 The holidays can be the very best of times and the very worst of times!

 It is crucial to be in alignment with your values and beliefs and how you feel, react, and respond emotionally. If you can be truly authentic, honest and clear with yourself you will never feel bad, drained, betrayed, guilty, frustrated, anxious, angry or have weird, unexplained body aches and pains.

 It is up to you to accept, honor and value yourself in what you want, think, feel and how you act, react, respond or don’t with compassion. It is our “soul” responsibility to be in control of ourselves from the inside out — period! It is never our job to leave ourselves and get into other people’s drama through care-taking, codependency, victimhood, martyr, rescue, people-pleasing,controlling and self-centered, manipulative games.

 Allow others to deal with their own stuff.

If you can do this, you will respect and feel good about yourself, and others will too! You will feel empowered, happy, joyful, free and light. It is a gift you give yourself, and every other person around you indirectly. This is called Energy boundary management.

Make this holiday season the season you give back to yourself by being your true, honest, authentic self!

Fall is a time of closure, letting go, and integrating all that was experienced in the past year into a new more evolved you. It is a time to look within and value and honor everything about yourself and others. It is a time to prepare your body, mind, and spirit for the upcoming weather changes and holidays. You may ask yourself “How do I want to be this fall and winter?”, ” Was I happy last fall and winter?”, “If not, how can I change?”, “What might that change look, feel, and sound like to me?” These are very key questions to ask yourself. If you help exploring answers give me a call!

When one is trying to make changes, eliminate a habit, addiction, or issue: You may want to ask yourself the following: What am I addicted to? How do I manifest my habit, addiction or issue? Does it come out physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually? What would it be like to change one thought or feeling about myself, even if I didn’t think it was true now, but took a risk, looked in the mi…rror, told myself this thought everyday? Do I believe I have the power to change my thoughts/feelings? My life? Am I worth it? Do I believe how I feel about myself affects everyone around me? Or, is “pain” my friend because it’s all I know to feel safe/secure and comfortable?

Did you know the average human is only able to focus 6 to 10 sec.! Which means we are addicted to our external environment/reality. We react emotionally to triggers happening outside of ourselves instead of being present in the feeling of that moment. We have trained ourselves to be ADHD. We are reacting to our PAST emotional feelings/responses (hurt,fear,sadness,anger etc.), so when we come acros…s a current day, event, situation, place or person. We are not even open or present to the (possibilities of a “new experience” of the current event, situation, place or person), but still living in our own biased unconscious triggered PAST REALITY. (Another way to say this is PTSD’s)! Hypnosis & Flower Essences can help .When one is seeking therapy or treatment of any kind. You must be “invested, open and a participant in your process of healing”. If you are only an “observer” which most people tend to be. There is no treatment, therapy, or healer that will work as you are not present to allow for it to work.

Winter:   It is the time of the year in where, according to Chinese Medicine, there is the greatest YIN .  This means it is the time to tune into ourselves, others, animals and our “internal world”. Seasonally, it is a time of recovery and rejuvenation from the high, intense energy and heat of the past summer and transitions of fall.  It is also a time to nourishourselves, be kind to ourselves, more accepting of others, as well as forgive ourselves; we all make mistakes and are human! The other aspect of this time of year is to become more focused and use our energy efficiently and with intent — without all the external/internal chaos of shoulds, cants, oughts, etc.  So be authentic with how you want to live your life for you!

For all of you GOLFERS out there, this might help you!

Did you know when you actually break down a round of golf, it boils down to four hours of mental and emotional management?  It’s true! there are only 90 seconds of physical performance. This makes hypnosis one of the best ways to enhance a golfer’s performance.  As the legendary Bobby Jones said, “Golf is played on  a 5 1/2 inch course. That’s the space between my ears!”

I am an athlete and have helped many others.  Call me about sports performance hypnosis sessions today!