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I’ve been in full time private practice for 20 years as a functional multi-modality Marriage Family therapist and Regression Hypnotherapist specializing in many methods customized to help you achieve your goals and get your results.

Creativity is an important aspect of healing.  Many of you have noticed the fun, artistic tissue boxes I have made in my office. 20170108_2025421 This is one of my creative outlets.  Some of my clients have wanted to buy these boxes, and now you can!  Here is my Etsy Shop

I think this is important to share with everyone that we all need to be clear and consciously aware of ourselves! A client asked me, “Amy, if I don’t want to change this ___x___ about myself so I can have____x__ results and have a better quality of life and feel better etc., then what?” I said, you have to fully accept, embrace YOURSELF just as you are right now! This means you can’t blame, shame, guilt, manipulate, lie to yourself or others. AND you can’t use excuses such as: religion, society, politics, no money, no time, no energy, your home, the weather, your job, your pets, kids, family, friends, life and the list goes on…. You must fully be accountable and aware of what your NOT willing to change — period! If you can be honest with yourself and accept yourself in it, then by all means stay exactly as you are — be happy and joyous about it and yourself!!

Having received my certification, as an Equine Specialist Mental Health Learning (ESMHL) from PATH Intl. I am now the “voice for the horse”.  It is experiential in learning awareness with the horse and human relationship. Horse is your unconscious mirror for the human in what you are feeling. So it really brings things up consciously for the human to see and feel physically and figure out, so one can be aware of.

Healing is coming into alignment with your source of who you are!! When you connect to your all knowing. That is authentic knowing and empowerment to create your life as you feel it is to be!!

As we enter into spring, which is all about bringing the previous season’s stilled emotions up to the surface, we have a lot more creative energy coming from us and our environment. Some people may have more anger, frustration, or anxiety coming up as well. This is because our blood is thinning and we require more energy to get used to another season. So please remember to honor and take care of yourself in the many transitions your body and mind are going through. Try not to obsess or get stuck in it but rather breath into it, feel it and accept the flow of the emotions in the present moment. This will pass quickly!
*Also the month of March has 2 Eclipses, 1 Full moon, 1 New moon, daylight savings begins, Good Friday and Easter all in 1 month!! WOW!!!!!

I was telling a client this and realized it might help all of us: 
Whenever You go, YOU take You with you! So no place, person, job, relationship, school, animal, food, drug, movie, retreat, book etc. will ever go away until you deal with your internal issues honestly. 

Accountability in Healing:

I was explaining to a client about the type of hypnotherapy I practice.  When combined with flower essences to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances, the results are a very deep and rapid healing process.

This is as powerfully authentic and genuine as it gets! It is like a laser beam focusing on changes, healings and shifts all in one session. This is because you are actually doing your own work.  By this I mean I am not trying to persuade, manipulate, rationalize, convince, or do something to you or on you.

Who lives in your physical vehicle (body) more than you? You lug it around 24 hours a day here on this earth plane, with all of the emotional and spiritual baggage too. However, you already have all of the wisdom, answers, and talents you were born with.  We just need to clear out family of origin imprints, negative emotions and societal human conditioning and pressures that are not even “yours” to begin with. Do you see how self-empowering this is?

So when you actually see it, feel it, and own it, you will accept your own greatness and then the whole world shifts for you. This is also what we call “deep insight therapy”. Again, this is not done to you or on you — it is done by you from the inside out. You really are your own healer!

Ask me about this!

If you want a full, self-empowered life, YOU must commit to your unconscious belief that you are WORTHY of it! Most humans never fully understand this!

A client asks me what is the difference between healing and therapy? I said, healing is knowing and feeling that you have shifted and changed; therapy, is thinking and being persuaded that you have shifted or changed. There is a vast difference.

People ask me why do hypnotherapy? I say why exercise? You see, hypnotherapy is like exercise for the mind.  It challenges it to grow. As the theory of evolution says: each human generation becomes more evolved and more efficient. Knowing ourselves wholly and completely allows us to accept and become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of our personality. This, then allows us to self-manage on all levels of existence.  This leads to being happy, fulfilled and content in all areas of our lives, and with others too.

If you can’t visit me in my Minnetonka, MN office, I can still help.  It doesn’t matter where you are. I offer unique, private sessions over phone, text, email and encrypted video. Together we can handle whatever is holding you back and keeping you stuck or unhappy.

 These days I feel it’s very important to have HEALTH ASSURANCE

Raise your vibration.  That’s it!  Raise your own personal energy frequency to a place where things with a lower vibration can’t exist in your energy field. There are many ways to do this (and vibrational-flower essences are an optimal way!).  Start paying attention so you can ensure and assure your own health. I prefer the preventive maintenance solution.  As I say, “you do not have a discount body”.  How you treat it, how you feed it (your food, your thoughts…) how you love it — These are all very important for health assurance. 

Counseling and hypnotherapy over secure video is a total success!

As many of you know, I’ve offered the ability to reach me for counseling sessions over secure, encrypted, enterprise level video conferencing.

Several of you have used this new service and the feedback has been only positive.

I was a little unsure if I could use this method of communication for hypnotherapy.  I wasn’t sure if I would feel as connected with my clients if I wasn’t in the room with them.  Hypnotherapy is a much deeper and more effective form of therapy, and requires me to really be present with and for my clients.

Would I be able to hear my clients well enough?  Would they be able to hear me?  Would I be able to pick up on all the small, yet vitally important signals of voice inflection, facial expressions, breathing, body movement and how their energy is working with me from a distance?  These are some of the questions I wanted answers to.

I had a client who moved to another state who had previously seen me for hypnotherapy.  She wanted to try hypnotherapy over video, and it was a complete success!  We were both shocked, or I should say I was!

I have since had several other clients try hypnotherapy over video, without ever seeing them in person. They have all reported the same success.  If you or someone you know would like to try this out–from ANYWHERE in the world– give me a call or email me today!

And don’t forget, if you refer a client to me, you get rewarded!

                 Making Changes…

When trying to make changes, eliminate a habit, addiction, or issue, You may want to ask yourself the following:

What am I addicted to? How do I manifest my habit, addiction or issue? Does it come out physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually?

What would it be like to change one thought or feeling about myself, even if I didn’t think it was true now, but took a risk, looked in the mirror, told myself this thought every day?

Do I believe I have the power to change my thoughts and feelings? My life? Am I worth it? 

Do I believe how I feel about myself affects everyone around me? 

Or, is pain my friend because it’s all I know to feel safe, secure and comfortable?


Did you know the average human is only able to focus six to ten seconds? 

This means we are addicted to our external environment and reality. We react emotionally to triggers happening outside of ourselves instead of being present in the feeling of that moment. We have trained ourselves to be ADHD. We are reacting to our PAST emotional feelings and responses like hurt, fear, sadness and anger. When we come across a current day event, situation, place or person, we are not even open or present to the possibilities of a new experience.  We are still living in our own biased unconscious triggered PAST REALITY (another way to say this is PTSD)!   Hypnosis & Flower Essences can help.

Investing YOU in your therapy

When seeking therapy or treatment of any kind, YOU must be invested, open and a participant in your process of healing. If you are only an “observer” which most people tend to be, there is no treatment, therapy, or healer that will work as you are not present to allow for it to work.


I’ve posted the very popular eating rules for the very best nutrition.  These are 11 steps – in order of importance.  Find them under my nutrition menu, or just click here. 


Sports performance hypnosis

Golfing…For all of you GOLFERS out there, this might help you! Did you know when you actually break down a round of golf it boils down to four hours of mental and emotional management?  It’s true! It involves only 90 seconds of physical performance.

Hypnosis is one of the best ways to enhance a golfer’s performance.  As the legendary Bobby Jones said, “Golf is played on a five and a half inch course. That’s the space between my ears!” I am an athlete and have helped many others.  Call me about sports performance hypnosis sessions today!

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